About Us

NeoReality is less of a well defined "thing" or unit, and more of a collective effort. We seek to cultivate an interesting, personal, and, importantly, unique corner of the World Wide Web.

The general design philosophy of NeoReality is based around maximising room for uniqueness and expression, without compromising the user's experience. Despite some technical restrictions, the sites within NeoReality are not subject to any other kind of arbitrary surface-level scrutiny, since it would entirely miss the point. Sites are permitted to call themselves a part of NeoReality for the quality of the effort that has been put into their creation, and the character given to them by their creators.


We, at NeoReality, pride ourselves on our stance on user privacy, that being that it should be absolute where possible, under the user's control where not, and without stipulations or compromise at all times.

No page under this domain is to contain trackers of any sort, cookies may only be used with user consent, and pages are to be designed with a "does what it says on the tin" philosophy. This is to ensure that you, the user, get the unfettered experience that NeoReality has to offer, away from the prying eyes of our voyeuristic friends in the cloud.


If you come across something that does not align with these principles, you can report it to me, Magnum, and not only will I eat my own hat, but I'll probably fix the problem too.

Outside of what is discussed on this page, with exception to certain extreme edge-cases, do not expect me to interfere for you. Sure, you can complain to a creator directly, but understand that they are under no obligation to listen to you, and that's if they provide an avenue for your complaint to begin with. The fact of the matter is that NeoReality exists in appreciation of craftsmanship, not in league with any given politics.